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InCommand 1200 Display

The year-round capabilities of the InCommand 1200 display provide a solution for every season. Use it during planting for a virtual window into your planter with row-by-row detail for confidence as you move through the field.

Point row clutches such as SureStop and SureVac offer one of the best returns for your precision ag investment. Save seed, save money. 

SureDrive electric drives mount right up to the planter and meter you know and love, gaining you consistent meter drive for variable rate, turn compensation and point row shutoff- all with less maintenance. 

Accurately place seed at 12 MPH but also at lower speeds. Precise planting is a priority, speed is a bonus.

SureForce hydraulic downforce with uplift keeps your planter row unit at ideal planting depth, no matter the soil type, conditions or compaction. 

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